What's new in version 1.2

Atomix Buttons

In this version, the applet is totally revamped. The applet now loads faster, especially in cases when the same image is shared across many buttons.

A new transition type,
HueBlend, is introduced. This effect is similar to Blend, but it also produces a rainbow illusion.

Atomix Buttons v1.2 features a rewritten Wizard, which gives a more intuitive interface for button generation.

Image Maker

In the Image Maker, the shape editor is greatly enhanced. It now includes a grid and allows you to modify your curves. As a result, a greater variety of shapes can now be drawn.

The interface of Image Maker now leads you through a series of steps to create a button image. The properties have been rearranged into a TabPane to minimize confusion.

A new property,
Lighting, is introduced. It gives better shading to dully painted textures and images.