Purchasing Atomix Buttons

To purchase by credit card online, please visit DigiBuy or click the icon below   (Price $33.00).


What do I get after registration?

When we receive your payment, we will e-mail you the registration numbers  for Atomix Buttons, Illusionae and VRML Editor within 24 hours. All the shareware version of these products can be downloaded freely from the internet.

To visit Illusionae's web site, click here.

To visit VRML Editor's web site, click here.

For each of these products, you enter their registration numbers into them by selecting the Help menu and clicking Register. By doing so, you will enable all the features of these products. 

Please remember to state your email address when making  your payment  so that we can send you the registration number as soon as possible.

(Please note: The registered version of the Atomix Buttons application will allow you to build button applets that can link to other web pages.)