Why should I register?

While you can use the Image Maker freely, the applets created by the shareware version of Atomix Buttons cannot link to other web pages. In order to do so, you have to register.

Registration fee is only $33 and you will get a bunch of goodies other than the registration number. You will get
unlimited upgrade for this product and our full support. Furthermore, you will get other RenderSoft products FREE!

  • Illusionae. A powerful texture maker. Best used with Atomix Buttons. All the textures used in Image Maker's pre-generated styles are generated by Illusionae. (Worth $30)

  • Rendersoft VRML Editor. This is a tool for creating VRML easily, but you can also use it to create animated logos and save them as AVI movie files. This VRML editor is reviewed in the PC magazine as a "small but great tool for authoring VRML" (Worth $15)