Applet Features

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  • One single applet consists of multiple buttons. The buttons can be positioned anywhere in the applet. Each button can be of different sizes.

  • The background of the applet can be loaded with an image or colored. Background  image can be tiled or scaled to fit the applet size.

  • The buttons can be overlapped.

  • Supports multi-threaded transitions for the buttons.

  • Each of the button in the applet provide the following features:

  • Allows a URL to be linked when clicked.

  • Supports JPEG files and sound files (AU format)

  • Transition/morphing of one image into another image. Over 18 transition types included. Examples are Blend, Slide and Push.

  • Allows superimposing of text with image. The text can be of different size, style and color.


MICR E13B Font